For over 20 years consumers

have enjoyed products made

by Mogador s.r.o.

Our company is among the leading producers in the food sector focused on health

food products.

We cooperate with a number of business

partners and our products can be found

throughout the EU.

The production programme of our company includes mass production of drinks in powder, crunchy and natural müsli, instant porridges, puffed cakes, biscuits and coated cereals under private labels as well as food supple-

ments and other healthy lifestyle products.

Private label

Mass production of muesli, instant porridges, soya drinks in powder, puffed cakes and health food products for well known European brands.

Drinks in powder

Gluten-free and lactose-free drinks

in powder under own brand ZAJÍC, Whey powder, ACTIVE drink and other products for helthy lifestyle.

Nutrikaše probiotic

and other products from PharmaLINE product range.

Nutrikaše probiotic is a gluten-free

and lactose-free instant mash.

ZAJÍC drink

Nutrikaše mashmogador_nutrikase_probiotic_instant_mash.html

Instant mash fortified with viamins and minerals, lactose-free and gluten-free.

Part of nutritional diet intended to support

your organism. Each portion contains

5 billion probiotic bacteria.

Nutrikaše is a food supplement and is suitable for:

– people on a gluten-free diet and with an intolerance to lactose

– people suffering from indigestion and proponents of a healthy diet

Nutrikaše can be prepared easily and quickly within 3 minutes.

Pour the mixture into a bowl, add hot water and mix thoroughly.

A one-portion package can be used conveniently at work,

at home – simply anywhere. There are 5 flavours of Nutrikaše.

Private labelprivate_label_muesli_and_soya_drinks_in_powder.html
Health foodmogador_healthy_food_products.html

We have over 20 years of experience with production of muesli,

instant porridges, puffed cakes, instant drinks and puffed cakes

for well known brands throughout the European Union.

We provide integrated services starting with package

preparation through product manufacturing and logistics.

Crunchy and natural muesli production based on the customer's requirements.

Possible choice from wide range of packaging types (box / foil / cardboard).

Rice cakes plain or with coating produced from one type

of cereal or mixture of cereals and other ingredients.

Instant porridge is a quick snack that is easy to prepare

by simply adding hot water or milk.

Available in various flavours. The basis are porridge oats,

rice, buckwheat, etc. The porridge is available gluten-free

and lactose-free and with added probiotic cultures.

Production line for filled lids. The top cups  can be filled with one type or mix of cereals, dried fruit, nuts, smarties etc.


Other products produced by our company for a healthy lifestyle and easy and quick methods of vitamin supplementation for the human organism contain.

Whey Powder drinks are easy to prepare by adding warm water.

They are convenient at home and on the go.

Lecitin natural is a purely natural product made from soya beans.

It is a source of choline and other biologically active substances.

In addition, it has a high content of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.

ACTIVE Drink in Powder gluten and lactose free, enriched by L-carnitine,

fibrous material, calcium and 10 vitamins and minerals.

Try it with breakfast cereal as a delicious addition to cornflakes or muesli.

Soja creamer will add flavour to up to 40 cups of your favourite coffee or tea.

ZAJÍC Drink in Powder is an alternative to cow's milk. It is gluten-free, lactose-free and GMO free instant beverage.

ZAJÍC instant drinks are intended especially for people with an intolerance

to lactose, on a gluten-free diet and for those who are interested

in a healthy diet. Try the ZAJÍC drink with its full natural

flavour or add some cocoa to create a special treat.

Delicious when added to coffee and tea.

Two to three teaspoons are enough to provide extra

flavour in beverages as a substitute for cow's milk.

The drink in its powdered form has many applications

and is easy to prepare. It is excellent for the

preparation of shakes, chocolate drinks, breakfast

cereal, puddings, soups, sauces as well as pastes.

Read more about ZAJÍC drink in powder.


Products for Industrial Use

Our company offers full range of products for industrial use and catering providers in the premium

quality products including the production of cow's milk substitutes of vegetable origin, soya drinks

in powder, Drymilk 15 and Coffe Creamer.

Let us become your specialized partner  in your search for specific solutions.

Our team of specialists will provide you with valuable information on the latest research and trends

in the area of production that will facilitate your business.


Our facilities contain mass production of crunchy and natural muesli.

We can offer many different types of packaging and weights

of the product. By manufacturing of muesli we provide

precise dosing system for single ingredients.

We can prepare the recipes for muesli based

on the customers request or develop a new recipe

using not only the traditional ingredients like

chocolate, strawberry, furits, nuts. etc.

Our muesli products are supplied

to important European brands.

We are ready to use our experience

for your success too.


PharmaLINE range includes the pharmaceutical grade products.

Mogador company understands that a healthy

lifestyle is also supported by food supplements.

Therefore, we offer a range of PharmaLINE

pharmaceutical grade products focused

on over-the-counter products.

These products are based on well-proven

pharmaceutical findings and meet strict

legal requirements.

Instant porridge

One of the most relevant items in our assortment are the instant porridges which

are easy to prepare just by adding hot water.

Find our porridges in the market in many varieties of flavours

and types of packaging.

The best selling flavours are chocolate, strawberry, apple

(and cinamon), raspberry, forrest fruit or porridge with nuts.

The instant porridges are produced within strict quality

regulation under BRC standards.

Innovative packaging into one portion one portion paper
or plastic cup
becomes nowadays very popular among

consumers, because it allows immediate easy preparation

at home, in the office or when travelling.

The standard packaging in box contains

4 individually packed portions.

Also the single portions can be packed into printed foil and paper display.