ZAJÍC Drink in Powder is an alternative to cow's milk

and contains no gluten or lactose

A varied and well-balanced diet is one of the most important factors affecting

the overall well-being, especially for those with various food allergies or intolerances.

Including ZAJÍC Drink in Powder into the diet brings many benefits.

The main advantages of ZAJÍC Powdered Drink are a lack of gluten and lactose,

easy preparation and a wide range of applications. The drink plays an important

role for those with an intolerance to the lactose contained in cow's milk.

ZAJÍC Drink in Powder available in 6 varieties!

ZAJÍC with Fibre and Probiotics contains fibre and probiotic cultures

Bacillus coagulans. The packaging contains 5 billions of bacteria.

ZAJÍC PLUS enriched with soya lecithin, calcium and combination

of 10 important vitamins.

ZAJÍC Buckwheat Drink contains heat treated buckwehat which is popular

part of rational nutrition for its versatility.

ZAJÍC Rice Drink has a wide use as a beverage and part of cereal breakfast,

coctails and other cooked meals.

ZAJÍC with Cream Flavour is a powdered beverage with a full taste which can

be used also for combination with coffe and tea.

ZAJÍC powdered drinks are easy to prepare, do not coagulate when

used and are easily soluble.

Easy and quick preparation within 3 minutes!

ZAJÍC Drink is an instant mix. Put 6 teaspoons of the product into a cup, add hot water

and mix thoroughly.

Add cocoa for a special treat. Adds delicious flavour to coffee or tea. Two to three teaspoons

are enough for extra flavour. ZAJÍC Powdered Drinks can be used to prepare puddings, soups,

sauces and as a substitute for cow's milk. You can prepare tasty and healthy breakfasts or fast

and light suppers by adding them to muesli or cornflakes.

Enrich your muesli with pieces of fresh fruit for even more taste.

Our most popular products are available in cost-effective bags.

ZAJÍC Drinks are sought-after by those who are allergic to lactose as an ideal alternative to cow's milk.

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Private label

Mass production of muesli, soya drinks

in powder, instant porridges, puffed

cakes and health food products.

Nutrikaše probiotic

Instant gluten-free and lactose-free mash as an excellent component

of a healthy diet.


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Industrial production

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ZAJÍC DRINKS in powder

Gluten-free and lactose-free drinks

in powder with vegetable origin

and easy preparation.