NutriMash Probiotic in 5 flavours

NutriPorridge Probiotic is gluten and lactose free, an excellent part of a healthy diet related to:

–  gluten and lactose intolerance

–  supplementing fibre, vitamins, minerals and probiotic cultures

–  a healthy diet

Nutrikaše mash contais no lactose and are naturally gluten-free

Product intended for consumers with dietary restrictions or allergies to certain essential food

components. It is beneficial for those who suffer from celiac disease or have an intolerance

to the lactose contained in cow's milk.

The porridge contains 10 vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C, B12, B6, B2, zinc and iron contribute

to the normal functioning of the metabolism. Vitamins B12, B6, C and iron support the normal

functioning of the immune and nervous systems. Manganese and Vitamins C and E help to protect

cells against oxidative stress.

Each serving contains 5 billion probiotic Bacillus coagulans. These bacteria create a symbiotic

relationship with the fibre content. The natural encapsulation of the bacteria eliminates the need

for refrigerator storage.

The product is sweetened with fruit sugar - fructose monosaccharide. Fructose has a more favourable glycaemic index and is commonly found in mature fruits. The sweetening property of fructose

is higher than that of common beet sugar.

Nutrikaše are enriched with high fibre content extracted from chicory to support digestion.

Each serving contains on average 6 % of inulin fibre.

Nutrikaše can be prepared easily and quickly in 3 minutes!

It is easy to prepare the mash by mixing the powder with hot water.

Boiling water is not recommended as some bacteria is killed at higher temperatures, considerably reducing the effectiveness of the product. The mash is conveniently available in single-serving packages for convenient use at work, at home or simply anywhere.

It is suitable for senior citizens as well those recovering from an illness

Nutrikaše contain a number of excellent substances that may not be present in the diet of seniors

who may lack a varied diet, which can cause certain medical complications or digestive issues.

The consistency is also suitable for those with dental problems or when health issues prevent the consumption of solid food. With age the willingness to spend time on meal preparation may also decrease. Therefore quick and easy preparation by simply adding hot water may be a welcome benefit.

Product for nutritional diet

that supports health

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Do you suffer from indigestion?

Ideal for those with dietary issues

or other digestion problems.

Normal digestion primarily depends on sufficient

levels of inulin plant fibre and probiotic

Bacillus coagulans cultures.

These bacteria create a symbiotic relationship

with the fibre content.

The natural encapsulation of the bacteria

eliminates the need for refrigerator storage.

Private label

Mass production of muesli, soya drinks

in powder, instant porridges, puffed

cakes and health food products.

Nutrikaše probiotic

Instant gluten-free and lactose-free mash as an excellent component

of a healthy diet.


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